Getting My Table Ready For Thanksgiving

I have been rummaging through my cupboards to find old decorations that I have used in past years to set out on my Thanksgiving table. I will use the turkey salt and pepper shakers that I found at an antique store.  I will display the pilgrim couple that I found one year at an outlet store. Memories flood100_2853100_2852100_2851 back to me as I pull out the gravy boat in the shape of a turkey.  I found it in Boyds, Maryland when we lived outside DC.  There was an antique store there in about 1986.  That is about all there was there then. I also purchased a bear there for my daughter before she was born. It must have been one of the first Boyds’ Bears before they became collectible.

This year I will use a new serving piece although it is not new to our family.  My mother passed the turkey platter on to me last year when she moved close to us. She said I should have it since we have been hosting Thanksgiving dinners at our house the past several years.  It has a crack in it but I wouldn’t think of leaving it out of our family celebrations since we have used it to serve over 50 Thanksgiving turkey dinners through the years.

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