My Family Tree Photo Collection

042There is a stairway in my house leading upstairs into the office from the back door.  On the wall I have artistically displayed black and white photos of my family.  There are pictures of me when I was a baby, when I was growing up, and when I was a bride.  There are pictures of me with my husband and children, and pictures of my parents.  There are also pictures of my grandparents.  There are not many pictures of them because it was expensive to have a professional portrait made back then. I treasure these pictures and am comforted by their memory each time I look at them.  Of my many possessions, these are perhaps the most cherished because they link me to the past.  The smiles on the faces of my family are a constant reminder to me that I have loved ones that have passed on that are among the great crowd of witnesses that are interceding for us in heaven.

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